Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm just a jealous guy...

Awful thing, this jealousy. I have to do something with it, seriously. But you know, when you're never jealous, other become suspicious - do they after all mean anything to you, if you look like you don't care what are they doing and with WHOM?

I just never find the balance. I can be either too jealous or too impersonal, uninterested, which looks like I don't care. I am just a sick person, can't you see? But it bothers me - Adam promised he'd put my picture up on his LST account a zillion days ago - of course he just replaced the picture of his various girlfriends thousand times, but noone really cares about friends anymore, right?

omg, he doesn't deserve this, I know. Had to let it out. I'm a bad person. Woo hoo.

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Pan Šílený said...

To je od něj ale nehezké.