Thursday, February 22, 2007

Eye Candy

Oh yes. Let's just roll into a little cozy cocoon once again and not care about the real people, bah.

I like it and enjoy it, to stop thinking about the folks surrounding me and live something between a pathetic fantasy, surreal poet's world and egomaniac's kingdom.

I recently found some hollywood guys who would fit into my unreal world perfectly, althought they are american, what's worse, american ACTORS. They're not even rockers! I must be going through some kind of degeneration.

First - Jason Schwartzman. Ta-dah! I wonder... it has to be his hair, sleek, dark, semi-long, aaaw. Severusness.

Second... here comes Adam Brody. Heck, I'd NEVER watch O.C. if my mom and sis didn't want to. But it's inevitable, I wake up on saturday morning, sit down to have breakfast and... here it is. 21st century's Beverly Hills. But! Beverly Hills did not have Adam Brody. I've loved his tiny little appearance in Thank you for smoking.

How much more awful can I become? XD

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