Saturday, February 10, 2007

I may be optimistic

...but some people just constantly piss me off.

  1. Generally everyone of the name David - show me any David who's not an asshole and I'll add "with some exceptions" later.
  2. The young musicians rehearsing at school, who keep destroying my kit. If I am ever getting to know who did it, he'll suffer.
  3. People who say we'll go out on weekend and then just decide not to write me through the whole three days, so I can either think something terrible has happened to them or they've just totally lost any interest in me.
I dunno. I will probably spend the rest of the day sucked on YouTube or getting the carpal tunnel syndrome out of clicking on the Refresh button while staring at Al's blog, waiting if he writes something new. I'm afraid this will erase any motivation to write each other on the IM, for now we just know everything instantly.

It's so nice out there. It's so damn lonely in here. Too early for drinking though. I can just keep fantasizing what would living in London among all these indie lads be.

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