Sunday, February 11, 2007

Big! Cheese!

No, I am NOT a fan of ours. Though I would maybe be if I weren't member of BC. Adam's too charismatic to let people completely uninterested.

Buuut! Some of our fans really kick ass. I really like two of them, in a way that includes respect for their music /and overall, too/ taste, so their existence kinda makes me believe in our own future a lil bit more.

The first one is Honza, younger /lot younger/ than me, but I adore him. Totally. His personality, his interests, he's just brilliant. Has a photo of Vaclav Havel above his bed.

The second one is Čistírna /damn, you can't want me to remember his real name/, the most indie fan of BC, which I can prove with this pic:

I had sorta crush on him, like a minor one, and maybe I still do, but he told me to save it for the next time we see each other. hah. I know he's not interested, so no prob. XD The main thing is that he likes Libertines... Muse.... DPT... Bloc Party.... aaaaaaaaaaw.

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