Saturday, February 10, 2007

Festivals, oh really?

Adam (the guitarist, one day you just WILL remember) keeps on believing that this summer we're gonna play at some...ahem... festivals. Sure, I'd love to, but I doubt that's a realistic idea. Nice though.

But I have this cool plan for next summer - which is gonna have some three months, that's a plus - I will contact a band and we'll change drummer! Bwahaha. I will probably survive without London this summer /I will have to, sadly/, but the next year is gonna be MINE! So the english drummer can play w/ Big Cheese for a few months and I can play with his band in London or somewhere around.

Oh man, that would rock, wouldn't it? I think next year I'll have enough self-confidence for such a risky yet ubercool business.

Boys from the band would kill me if they knew.

But in the case of me not being w/ BC next year /well, maturita and university exams are gonna be tough stuff/ , it will be easy. Just browsing through NME web... I was doing that a while ago and there are LOT of drummerless bands, although some of them sound too professional for me, on the other hand 90% of them play stuff like Strokes, Libertines, Oasis... HEAVEN ON EARTH, THIS LONDON!

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