Sunday, June 17, 2007

Let´s rob the cradles!

I´ve been WORKING this weekend.

OK, so not exactly. I was doing the audience on one tv show for money, but that counts for a job, doesn´t it? Anyways, today was fun, because I dunno if I am just hella horny or I should get glasses or I am just plain weird, but I totally fell for one show contestant´s son, who could have been like 16 or 17, but when he grows up, he´ll be DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. He´s got this making-me-faint indie haircut, big nose and kinda Hodgson-ish grin. I was staring at him like a freak all day, finishing it with sending him a note w/ my number, pity there was no more space for adding "I am the person your parents warned you of", because that´s exactly what I was in that point. And I still am, for I ....... erased.... my schoolday tomorrow to make some more money and scare that lil´ fella. Geez, I wonder how much more shaggable will this bloke get.

I certainly need to get laid. Bah, the fact this attitude comes only once a month or so is fine, but on the other hand, when it comes, it cannot just be blown away.

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Anonymous said...

Stop whining you little emo, you're not the only one not to get laid on regular basis :P