Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A miracle!

I am sitting!!!

Have to stop listening to Teitur. It's killing me emotionally.

I am just too afraid to start loving someone again. I don't trust in myself and as far as HE is concerned... once again I don't trust him as well. I mean - I just cannot put the thoughts he lightens in me here, for I'm sure sooner or later he'd find them. And in this case it is better to keep them for myself and myself only. I have to act and try to be strong.

To step over this melancholity, I have to say I've decided that I don't want a driving license. I want a guitar. Yep, exactly that telecaster /Squier, not a bad one at all/ that I've posted here once.
I hope I will have it next week, or maybe I will think it over a bit and wait until may, then I would maybe get an amp, too. i know, that'd be more economic, but.. I WANT IT NOOOW... I am too lonely without the chance of playing drums whenever I want to. Rocker's life is so unfair. Damn guitarists.

Aaand, I am working on some ART after a long time, too. I am just trying to work away thoughts of Him, obviously.

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