Sunday, April 8, 2007

Oriental prince in the land of soup!

Yep. I freak out every time I am writing a new post and use some quote from the Mighty Boosh as the title. Randomness.

Well, I've just come home from the riverside. It's beautiful there, little cold, but the air smells of calm water and fish and there's noone around most of the time.
I've got a flower! Put it into old syrup bottle. Looks electric.

I am just a bit cross because:
1) how comes Adam doesn't understand my crush for London? And how comes I am not good enough /should have been attending the debate lessons longer/ to turn him to the dark /London adoring/ side?
2) if I had the chance, I would SO not be able to go swimming naked. That is such a pity! Well, I would be, if there was noone around, but generally I am angry /towards myself/ that I can get so stressed and blocked by some ridiculous complexes of mine.

So I am going to sleep, or pretend to sleep and actually struggle psychically with my weird self.

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