Friday, April 6, 2007

I am electro boooy

I SWEAR - this is the last episode of the Mighty Boosh I am gonna link here. I love it more and more with every second. It frightens me.

This one - "Electro" - is about music /yaaay!!/ and features Noel's girlfriend / the one from RID/. Duh, I've started daydreaming bout Noel. Too bad. Just like Carl Barat destroyed my last relationship, Noel Fieldin's gonna destroy this one, I feel it coming .D ! No, actually, to be disgusting, awful, honest and romantic, I have to say that I probably like to watch Noel because he reminds me of Adam in some mysterious ways. It's the nose. Fabulous shape, just maybe too little for the face /yes, we are really talking noses here/. And the expressions he uses as Vince Noir, that's sometimes SO bendish /new words rule/. And when it comes to daydreaming, it's always... "and then he would hold me.. just like Adam does..".

Ah, I suck.

Kentish town, Kentish town, Yeah, Kentish town, Kentish town, NOO...

Btw I coloured my WHITE capri pants BLACK so I can paint them. I was thinking about cherries. And robots. And the Mighty Boosh logo. Duh.

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