Friday, August 24, 2007

Sometimes we remember bedrooms of our friends

Anyways. Yesterday was pretty social.

First, I've spent the afternoon w/ guys from Road Side Mary and Csabba in Popocafépetl, it was meant to be a professional session, but later it evolved into something much more interesting. The fact Adam V. was absent made it survivable, cause TWO people who speak as much as Jiří, the bassist, simply wouldn't be. By the way, RSM have awesome promo pics at their bandzone profile.
I am probably gonna visit RSM + Sunflower Caravan gig today (for free, ha!). You should consider that evening programme, too.

Then I travelled to Nové Butovice to my english student's place. My student is mr.Veselý (former ETC.., now Dobrohošť, Irish Dew) - wow, he's like a hairless BRIAN MAY! I guess these lessons are gonna be pretty fun. I will let you know!

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vont said...

mr. told me, he would contact you as soon as possible.