Monday, August 27, 2007

Watch the news.

Especially BBC will be informative when I'm getting busted for... any of the illegal things I tend to do.

I am almost done packing, my mp3 loaded with I AM X (Very Prostitutes-esque... After Every Party I Die has this bass line which is just like... damn.. help me.) (Corner has more gay voice than Bell though), Kaiser Chiefs (I am going with my fellow chiefettes after all), Muse (The best shag-song-writers, if I am getting tired by the estrogene company), Arcade Fire (want to turn them all to my faith), The Libertines (that's more of a nostalgy than anything else, cause I've been listening to them all the last trip to London) and The Prostitutes (for I'd love to bring girls to next gig of theirs and they seem to be unhappy about their lack of musical knowledge).

I am so gonna forget something ultra-galactically important at home.

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Kejml said...

And what about my backpack?