Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a Waster

I should be working on my seminary work.

I am whoring 'round on Facebook, Youtube and DeviantArt instead. Talking to some other los.. old friends on icq. It seems like all the cool kids went to have an enjoyable holidays while the ones who stay here are the finest selection of rejects, sexual deviants (and possible pedophiles, although in my humble case it's called ephebophilia - love for boys who aren't kids anymore, but aren't proper men either), virgins over twenty and lost talents.

I just cant get to do anything until I get rid of this sexual deprivation. The fact I ruin Karin's romantic adventures comes with another one, the fact she ruins my private life in return .D no, I can live with that since it's probably just the matter of my possible secret hag w/ Adam, which would be bloody dangerous anyway.


Shippy said...

Pedophilia: Variously defined as "inclination towards children under 13", "affection for persons five years younger by a person over 14 and under 21" or "love of children (that is humans without developed primary and/or secondary generative signs".
Ephebophilia: "Pedophilia restricted to boys only".

You: 18-year-old, whose romantic relationships never encountered more than a gap of four years.

Therefore, if anything, don't sort yourself under "deviants", for "having peculiar taste" is not a disease. AIDS is.
(Notwithstanding this, your drive for Karin may be considered not normal. But everyone has a crush on Karin, so scratch that.)

To conclude this madness... you're not a loser. Period.

Kaki said...

If anything, Karin has a thing for me!
More serious from my side, to say it right.