Monday, September 17, 2007

After this particular party I almost died

Ok, more like this weekend.

On saturday I agreed to help out with some painting business in the Bordo club (I can hear Vondráček saying "you do it only 'cause you like Jiří anyways!"), climbing ladders, absorbing my "boss"'s choleric explosions (because the wall looked better BEFORE!) , being called "really skilful" (which asociates with other activities in MY FILTHY BRAIN). I am posting a little pic of the Road Side Mary's monster ->

Sunday was our "riding our butts off" cycling adventure w/ Karin, it really fulfilled my expectations, if I only wasn't so damn DEAD t'day.

The village of Cvrčovice... oh wait.. . a bird reservation, maybe. Just ask Karin.

Our great guidebook .D Cycling with children.

By the way, had the song "I wanna be there (when you come)" by the Stone Roses in my head all the way and I wonder... are the lyrics about... ahem.. u know, I was lazy to look up the rest, but the refrain sounds... a tiny bit sexual.

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rusalka said...

Which IDIOT has originated birds? For the inventive ones: I am talking just about birds. xD