Sunday, September 30, 2007

Music when the lights go out

I feel... well, let's just say I'm not at my best.
I hate music showbusiness even in its lowest form (that's the one I'm in contact with, generally). Since I am no longer an active musician and I don't see it coming in a looong time, it has just lost a big part of attractiveness it had for me. The worse thing is this ruins my personal life... you see... I am not really excited about hearing of my ex-band and pretty much anything that has something to do with it, on the other hand am not very sure if all I say is interesting for the other side.
I wish Karin or me were a guy.

And on top of it all I didn't get the Road Side Mary promos I've requested for my artwork, nobody wrote me a single letter back for my friday night report and I am probably getting no proper evening dress for our maturita ball, cause they're so fu**ing expensive. I can't risk having some improperly done one, to avoid even the tiniest faux-pas during waltz with mr. Růžička. Of whom I've dreamt tonight - we were at some kind of country trip... on running skis.... but the important fact was... he had his BOYFRIEND with him. Oh please no more dreams like that, please, please.


Shippy said...

Just a note - wasn't his boyfriend your old Physics teacher? Because it would be a perfect match, if he really is a queer.

And concerning your bands... I think you have one project up and the second is even running :) Or am I mistaken?

Kaki said...

No, but to be honest, he looked bit like him, that type of guy, that.. yup, queer type.
Milan isn't such type though, at least for me when I ignore his way of walking the stairs up and the jumper worn over the shoulders, which could be considered a proof of his metrosexuality anyways.

And my baaaands... oh... cannot say their running, not even the one, in the first we kinda miss some pieces of hardware and in the second we also need some.. well.. other musicians, sort of.

Destroyer said...

gont give up! start a super-sexy new wave outfit with the best friend (whoever it is) and play computer-and-something. it really works!

rusalka said...

Why don't you just turn into being a guy :P...
Baaaad. Lookin' forward to start the band or a band-parody. Whee/I know, I know..the keyboards. Fine!