Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Que malo!

I don't remember such a self-destructive behaviour since I was in 9th grade of elementary.

Mostly cause this type of night doesn't leave much memories.

So, it started as a moderately jolly evening at Roxy and ended 6 am at casino with some weird slovakians, where I've lost my phone, because anything more I could lose I had lost at the previous drinking destination (illusions, sympathies, dignity)
I have already had a buiness call from IR.cz Marty, who just HAD TO tell me how much work for them I have to finish.

("Does any of the things require me dealing with Dan?" "Oh, nope, I bet you two would end up having sex instead"......... the thing that pissed me the most! Like if Dan would ever leave his "no I can't" attitude. Jeez)

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