Saturday, September 15, 2007

Welcome to the WORLD OF TOMORROW!

Or, just welcome to the world of ADULTS, Soc! (You are much more of an adult than me though)

So, yesterday we've celebrated at La Bodeguita (I was told you get better mojito only on Cuba) with Soc and her schoolmates with which I'm getting pretty familiar already. I actually tend to think of English College students kinda stereotypically, but this, this is like "a finest selection".

For some mysterious reasons I've had an urge to write a msg to one my long-time-no-see "friend", who called me back, and I wasn't really prepared for that situation, so Soc took the call and guess what, he didn't even recognise he's talking to a different person. Well, like I've said, long time no see. It's just that she obviously talked him into a date today, which I will have to ignore/postpone (although that would take a looong time then)/cancel.

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vont said...

no matter, i love you baby