Thursday, November 29, 2007

Adam stole my title!

I really really wanted to use the "Sorry mum..." badge line, but Adam already stole it .D

Last night really rocked.

Look into my eyes and you'll see, I'm the one for you and you for me (they did not play my fave! argh) - I remember only few things from the gig though.
...dancing to jamiroquai - Karin looked pretty embarassed, but I was happyyyyyy... and drunk. And moneyless. So I got drunk drinking anything karin bought.
...lying on an armchair we found in a park. I was making up a really sexy story about Karin and Šmity, although she seemed to be more annoyed than pleased by the whole thing .D
...we got these badges, I left the "sorry mum" to Karin, I got me the "I was a virgin" one, cause we thought that's what fits me more.


CresceNet said...
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rusalka said...

I will remember about the drinks...I mean MY drinks :P.

Fifth said...

hehe.. some crazy party?