Thursday, November 8, 2007

How awsome it used to be when we spent half of the time on talking about sex.

I know, haven't been round here for an awful time. For what I have *like totally seeerious* reasons.
* my phone is no longer able to transfer data to my pc, so I may have heaps of pic of various people you know doing scandallous things, but.. just... no help here.
* i am seriously working on my school stuff. And when I say seriously, I mean less than my classmates, yet still much more than is my average from last... 12 years.
* i am also pretty scared shitless of all the university exams (from which the talent ones seem most terrifying).
* my life kinda sucks.

But yeeeeeeah, there are SOME minor changes 'ere, just like:
* we've formed a band. And even had a rehearsal. All three of us. Girls. Electo rubbish, really.
* i've got Prkno's bass at home with me now. It is... not very good... but on the other hand, when I am getting a proper one (think christmas), it's gonna be piece of cake then.
* i am still single, but hella picky, so I don't even motivate you into anything anymore.


Kejml said...

drums, guitar, bass.... I think you'll need more then two hands...

Bachacek said...

Electro rubbish? Hell, we should name the band like that! .D