Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In case anyone would wonder

I am still alive.

But it was still pretty painful. I've entered the office:

"I have these pains on my chest."

"You're the one with the psychotherapies?" (fyi that was five yrs ago)

"Yep. Will you at least check on my heart or something?"

*checks* "Do you have a boyfriend?"


"So, that's the only thing I can suggest. A nice boyfriend."


*walks home and feels miserable, although the pains are gone*

Anyone willing to stand for my meds is welcome, though guys looking like a mixture of Destroyer, Jiri from RSM and Craig Parker are welcome the most.

Which reminds me, been watchin Saving Silverman today and Jason Biggs dressed as Neil Diamond (on the left) is a TOTAL Jiri Zima:

1 comment:

Shippy said...

Oh my god. I can't believe a physician could actually utter something like that .)
Is there any way how s/he could deduce the lack of boyfriend from your chest, actually?
Seems like I really have a lot of things to learn.