Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gone shoppin'

Some of you already know that I was kinda technically disabled yesterday because the day before I've spilt some water into my keyboard while chatting with Sali from Evelynne /must have been really exciting/. First, my N and B, space and ALT stopped working, then I was trying to mend it and then it stopped working COMPLETELY (I know what you think. And it is true)

While buying me a new one - TESCO VALUE keyboard - I found this ABSOLUTELY disgusting notebook which I eventually had to buy!

The biblical cover design was not the worst thing about it.
It has got JESUS INSIDE! I'm gonna use that freakin thing for my math lessons lol


Anonymous said...

It is even gaudier than I thought. Hehe, pun not intended but made myself laugh.(God-ier)

Fifth said...

holy shit..