Friday, August 3, 2007

She's DEAD

Yup. I feel pretty much dead - but happy as hell! Who cares for *sleeping* when I could spend all the evening with... many.. interesting.. people! Like Karin .D and Lůca! Heh.

Although these weren't the ones who offered us playing with the Prostitutes and Roe-Deer.

We're some lucky bastards!


I wonder what has lead certain people to create a link between THIS BLOG and an image that BIG CHEESE SUCKS. I hope you're gonna apologize to my DIVINE blogging skills, DESTROYER!


Destroyer said...

heh? I am lost. What actually you think i've done?

Kaki said...

Oh, I do remember PRETTY WELL that you were saying something like "Já jsem tak nějak třeba i z toho blogu myslel, že jste nějaká děsná gymnaziální kapela!" - huh? .D

Destroyer said...

unfortunatelly i don't remeber almost anything from both evenings spent together :this week. so, sorry for anything in advance. i am planning to be absolutely sober next time giving you no chance blaming me :-)