Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Look into my ICONS!

Lol.. Look into my Eyes is right now my Prostitutes favourite. It's so... uncompromising and, in a way, sexual.
That's probably why I had this dream of doing fellatio to Šmity last night. Bassists.

Anyways! Had a tiny little free time /before going to the bank and the vet with Sufjan./ so I've made these three /i know it's poor/ icons, feel free to use and leave a comment /yup, I know none of you likes Prostitutes, so why should you/

Šmity looks like Adam K. from Big Cheese, only black haired. And older. If I am off of BC one day, I will get him D:


Anonymous said...

ja teda doufam ze adam jednou jako smity vypadat nebude....

Kaki said...

Ja doufam ze jo, ale obavam se, ze az jemu bude pres tricet, tak ja uz budu dost stary zelezo a on, stejne jako Smity, pujde po ctrnactkach .P