Sunday, August 19, 2007


Cannot blame this on the Scissor Sisters though. (but they are queeeeeeeer)

So, going through a horrible *thebandI'drathernotmentionbyitsnamecuzI'mafraidtheywillcomeandgetmeaaaargh* slash spree lately, and I shall be disrespected for it, but cannot resist uploading the artwork.

What the hell, I don't care about anyone anyways, so I can post ANYTHING my majesty fancies

Aaaaah, it's the most drawable bassist along with the most popular singer! I admit I was pretty jealous of Adam's divine skills being adored by.. this... gentleman by the time I was thinking this up, but the way it was turning me on while I was actually making it, that defeated all the negative feeling pretty well.
Yeah and the title of this one i "Venus in Furs", by the way.

Aaaargh, this was even a better turn-on! Jesus, never thought this pairing might work, but it does, as long as we don't see *the left guy*'s "oh what the fu****g hell is goin on" expression and we see only *the right guy* (calling someone the right guy sounds pretty serious though .D ) 's totally *aaaaaaaaaw* look.

You won't appreciate this anyway.

I've just realized that since there's the band's name on the second one I did not have to put such effort into camouflaging their identity.


Fifth said...

weeeeeeird o.O

Kaki said...

you better stay silent or you're on the next one with PrAndy!