Tuesday, August 14, 2007


You've put me together
I can see now
the sun shines
through the trees
shines down
through the ice
it's ll your work
it's all your fault
these are my thanks
to you

My hands are warm
in your coat
they rest on your heart
-fragments of the "Brightside" lyrics sketch

Unfinished. Awful (cause romantic = awful). No need to make it complicated. 1)nobody listens to the lyrics anyway 2)this is what I want to say.
The rehearsal was cool.


Piaf said...

its awesome! i love it.. keep working on it.. im soo looking forward to sing it. i already did and i love it. ... see you when i will come back from france. love you. <3

rusalka said...

The lyrics are really good! P and P inspired you, didn't it? And I do have another reason why to like it..