Sunday, March 18, 2007

Everybody! An applause for my new guy!

His name's Telecaster and he's.. duh, yesss, probably Chinese. He's candy apple red with bright-white pickguard, kinda pale neck, too.

Basically the one I've posted here, but looks SO MUCH BETTER live. And by my side, too. We've already had a ORLs session with TWO guitars, sounded better then -ahem- session with only one .D I hope July puts some pics on her pics site soon. I really like how the two different types of guitars really suit the two different types of us XD and how lame we look with the other one. Eh.

I think Strats, SGs and acoustic guitars are girls, they should be named girl names and be referred to like "oh my new black and white beauty, isn't she wonderful?". Les Pauls, Teles and probably the awful metal-ish Explorers are guys. Bwahaha.

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Ghost the Guy-tarist said...

What about Ibanez and PRS?