Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Máca Kochipako

Sounds japanese.

But it's just the nick of our new kitten, for whom I am just not capable to think of a suitable name. It's a girl, but as you know from the case of my rat, I doesn't really matter to me.

It is ADORABLE. July brought it from that place she's riding horses at - I was actually trying to catch one of them for 2 hours or so on the noon sun, so my shoulders got that healthy pink tone, oh wow. I was not succesful, but when I left, she ringed me that one of the guys /it was the one with piece of skull missing, funny bloke indeed/ caught the kittens, so she took the only girl and she'll bring it in hour or so. And YES, parents weren't very happy, but it's allright now I guess. Máca is now resting somewhere in my sister's stuff, my parents and sis went to the wilderness for three days and I have been left here just with the animal and grandpa.

Do not worry, I am about to post some pics of the fluffy thing in almost no time .) if it shows up >.>


rusalka said...

Simply adorable. Just love it.

Kaki said...

U're not my pseudo-mother!!! D: D: D:

ok, ok, know what you meant

rusalka said...

Not yours:P. A am not gonna appropriate you neither your kitty. ;ú)

Fine:)). You know what I ment.