Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Anyone infected?

Is there anybody, who joined The best stuff in the world /.com/? If so, visit this page and VOTE. Or you can edit the categories - e.g. add "the best asshole" or "the best rocker with ridiculous height".

i just HAVE to mention some of the charts here...

The best thing covered in chocolate:
1. Gummy Bears (14 ppl)
2. Emma Watson (3 ppl)
3. Bananas (3 ppl)
4. Usher (1 person)
5. Carl Barat (1 person)

The best alternative to Jesus:

1. Lego porn (19 ppl)
2. Tequila (12 ppl)
3. Kermit (9 ppl)

The best dad:

1. Darth Vader (28 ppl)

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