Sunday, May 6, 2007

That's not me at all

-planning my birthday parties. But.. well... 18 is a whole lotta years! Of course the number has lost my respect, or at least big part of it as I used to have it in my younger days, but still - I think that if I met Julian Casablancas and told him "I am 17, shag me", it would have much smaller chances for succes than "I am 18 now, I was wondering if that prevents all remorses you could have after our theoretical sexual intercourse".

So, I am thinking of two places - Lehk√° hlava, a veggie restaurant, where I'd probably invite my friends from school, and I mean like really VIP folks, because the room that could be possibly reserved has space for cca 8 people. I would probably buy some nachos with guacamole and salsa there, so people who'd be invited would not have to order anything by themselves if they are sooo pooor just like me.
Second one is my favourite coctail bar Al Capone's, near the National theatre, pretty good prices and the drink list is just worth checking out. Cause that's one of our fav places w/ Soc, I hope she will come, too. When I am done with planning, I will make some invitations and be sure to come .) at least to one of the places! Just make your 18-19 weekend nights free .)

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