Monday, May 7, 2007

I hate self-tans

When used on the wrong day of your cosmetic skill biorythm, you'll end up looking like a leper. But I believe that one day I will be so experienced in using this device of doom that noone will notice anything not really natural about my caribbean complexion. On that day I am gonna love myself.

Now - I just wanted to show you my three yaoi gods. Well. Not all of them are gay. But let's say two of them ARE.So, from the left: Noel, Bri and William, and all of them Richards'. So yeah, no incest here, some other characters are planned to intervene.

Noel - is the youngest, poetic, sensitive soul, introvert, loves reading and writing and likes to study, especially literature, history and philosophy. He used to play various instruments, pretty talented lad, but nowadays he does only flute and just to relax. Basically, people like him for his nature and sense of empathy, but he's not into socializing very much, so he keeps only few close friends, counting in his brothers. He was in love several times, but never had a real working relationship.

Brian - the middle brother. A perfect drama queen. His extremely extrovert character can be obnoxious sometimes, but generally he goes on very well with people, being able to cheer them up almost anytime. He needs to be in the centre of attention. He also draws and likes street art and design. His relationships are a lil bit superficial and he's aware of that, though he may not seem to care. Egomaniac with a good heart.

William - the eldest, but not the wisest everytime. He is very passionate inside, cannot stand injustice, holds grudges, does not trust people easily. In the search of meaning of his life, he tends to lose enthusiasm when disappointed by failure or bad luck. He is very strong and would never really give up though, he just has his blue moments pretty often. He's a maniac into music, especially indie rock, plays guitar on a high level, has a charismatic voice. When it comes to love, he takes it very seriously and is always honest and faithful towards his partner.

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