Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sweetest Downfalls

I guess it's true that the more down you feel at one moment, the more intense the highness will be afterwards.

I want the new Q issue. It's on sale from June 1st, the day of my mathematical apocalypse. They give a CD with it. Not with the math exam. With the mag.

I gave Regina Spektor one more chance and it shows like a good idea.

Watching Black Books all day. Mostly because I fell for that guy playing Manny while watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Only he's like.. ten years younger in Black Books XD no, I did not, but he's hilarious. Talking bout Never Mind the Buzzcocks, I'd love to link first part of my fav. episode /featuring Nick Hodgson/here. Wanking peanut butter, discussing how cool were the boybands and the scary wannabe mr. Waller. You have to watch all the parts, it is worth it! At least Nick looks great. Ahem.

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