Monday, May 28, 2007

Moving Pictures

Ooooh yesss, I've been waiting for this Kaisers' music vids review for real long. I've downloaded them all except the last one, Everything is Average Nowadays, for some reason it was not available on any of my download applications, but at least I watched it on YouTube. I am so very lazy and worth your despect that I have not even linked the vids from here. So you better find it yourselves and watch it, bastards, or Kaisers will never come to Czech Rep waaaaah XD

Now to the point - 5 stars is maximum, but I would honour very little number of vids with it, see how strict I am?

I Predict a Riot - **1/2* - Not bad for a start, but I think the song deserves a video that's more fun than this. The lyrics are talking about "Girls running around with no clothes on" - I don't see that there, what a disappointment! Though such a pillowfight with Mr.Hodgson looks like a good way to spend lonely night in London city.

Every Day I Love You Less and Less - **** - Oh that's a difference now! One of the best, this vid is just fun to see again and again. Every single Chief absolutely hot, gorgeous and shaggable /and Ricky's bit emo with that eyeliner, but seriously worth daydreaming/. It fits the song perfectly, has the same sort of silliness. Skeletal sex, mostly.

Na Na Na Na Naa - *** - For a one from this "live" sorta music videos, it's pretty enjoyable, especially footage of Kaisers doing all kinds of silliness'. I liked it more than I Predict a Riot, but still, don't have to watch it every day. On the other hand, it goes good with the crazily happy sound of the song, you know, to show the band has as many fun and fame and fans as they surely deserve.

Modern Way - **** - I appreciate when a band /or the director, maybe/ realizes that looking at the chaps playing gets boring after some time. This vid has both story and a part where you see Kaisers play, which results in a nice harmony. I like the tennis ball idea quite a lot. It's kinda....... moving. Ahem. It really is.

Oh My God - ****1/2* - The highest score in this list! OMG is in the first place insanely catchy song, at least after some time it is. If I ever wanted a music vid, it would look like this. Costumes, exotic settings, fun facial expressions .D all band members get their space to prove their sense of humour. Sexual tension between Ricky and Nick /you can't deny it - just wait for the arctic sequence/. Nick in the "bohemians of Paris" part looks SO MUCH like Richard, wearing that turtleneck and READING. That makes me jiggle.

Ruby - ***1/2 - Has some invention, but in this case I am not THAT sure that pictures suit the tunes. Anyways, it's kinda fun after you accept the fact the vid has just nothing to do with the song. They are all a bit older so they are not such eye candies as they used to be, but they're still whole lotta lovable, especially Nick. Who, basically, looks the same he looked years ago. Miracle.

Everything is Average Nowadays - *** - Great song, but watching the vid just horribly reminded me of Ruby - I mean, especially the beginning is kinda... the same. You can clearly see it was made in the same graphic studio on the same 3D engine. But just as Ruby, it's not entirely idea-less, so I can't be mean and give it only 2 stars, even if it tempts me.

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