Saturday, May 12, 2007

Caaall me

Listening to Blondie is goodness

But to the point - got a new cellphone so I keep taking pics of everyone around, and what a miracle, even though the camera is actually kinda crappy, I am still able to take better pics than Adam! People without visual sense should never put their lame hands on anything, that will probably sooner or later spoil someone's career /put the pictures down, u a**hole!!!/.
Well I look like shit on many pics by many various photographers, but how comes, that on his pics even the nice people look bad? Evil spirits.
I remember one avatar on DA saying "I am like a chocolate pudding - I look like crap but I am sweet on the inside". Pity that I am not very sweet, I would use it somewhere.

Now to the pix.

Oooh that's just me being so very EMO. But I love the urban-tech backround.
What a change! Csabba looks happy. Or mad. Or seriously not okay.
Our two guitarists Adam and Adam doing some of their kid stuff at Motoráj last friday.
Bad hair day.
Fastrain - kinda good band we've been playing with, especially the bass was enjoyable /and the bassist, sweet Casablancas-ish face, but as usual, not available/

Yaaaay, the aeroclub - where Monika is about to kill me in a bloody and cool plane accident one day! We've been guarding it last night, with her and Albert.
And this is probably the place where the planes are flying and moving all other great waaays yaay I write like a reeetaaaard yaaay
Monika checkin out the handsome cosmo-guys during the history lesson.
Mája and Radka on the school grounds! See? Noone looks like an idiot on MY photos. What a surprise.
July w/ her Les Paul watching the exciting match. Well, wasn ot THAT exciting, but it was more or less the only thing to do there.

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