Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm no Doherty

..but I still can write some averagely good lyrics.

I am kinda proud of these

Just like superheroes

Oh do you remember the glorious days

Wherever the fuck you are now

When we would wear leggings and look like gays

But back then we were ordinary superheroes

Back then we did not know impossible

Or forbidden or dangerous

We flew from roof to roof and from second floors

And we felt just like superheroes.

These cloaks we’ve made of your sister’s dress

Where are they now, can anybody guess?

I would go through your house’s bins

Just to find them and remember where we used to be

As the years go by I am scared more and more

Am I going to loose my powers, are you sure?

What was the thing, about you and me

That made us feel just like superheroes?

(I feel creepy inside I have no will to fly

I can’t stand what I used to stand anymore

Instead of fighting the evil I sit down and cry

Do you know I am in such a sore?) /this one will not be used in the song/


Where are the cloaks and where are the boys

The lads, the chaps with high pitched voice

The trees we robbed the walnuts from

On which we sat, oh so troublesome

Where are the gloves and where are the boys

When we split up, was it really our choice?

Was it the supervillain and the goblins of his

Or mum when found out we ruined dress of your sis?

Where are the masks and where are the boys

Where are the nights filled with emergency noise

Our secret plans and signs and language we’ve made up

The poison we’ve mixed of soda and vinegar in a plastic cup?

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