Friday, May 18, 2007

This Adult Living

Oh. Yup. I am eighteen now. I can buy me booze and /which is a surprise for me actually/ I've lost that kid feeling, I mean the bad "kid feeling", the one you have when you argue with older people and they ask you how old are you in the middle and then just smirk at you when you say "sixteen" or even "seventeen", because you're still officially a kid. On the other side "young adults" have this specific kind of respect, especially students who do not look like permanently wasted drug addicts.

I dunno. I should not be so kind to myself anymore. I should be strict. Or at least a little more strict, y'know, no self-harming or any stuff mentioned in the DaVinci Code (even though albinos are pretty), just work a little harder, for you all know that I am a really good material, gifted in so many ways, I feel like I have to make real skills of there talents... and I am unable to date anyone anyways so what's the point of even trying - being single is a great timesaver. I am officially waiting for Nick or Ricky of the Kaiser Chiefs now.

Had a little party last night, having a bigger party tonight and the biggest tomorrow. but the yesterday's one was pretty allright, or would be if Adam didn't had that sour arse expression for the most of the time, really, which he just coronated with things he didn't have to say, but I don't really care, I have problems with saying crap all the time and people hate me just like they hate him.

And now for something not so different.

Post-party pic, when me and Karin went to the Rubin club, where I had a lil gig last night - we kept the party hats, of course. I have to do that more frequently, it's a great attention catcher.

And so down went the pink balloon. Sad.

The Birthday company /or at least the three people who managed to get into this pic/

My purple inflatable boyfriend, named Mayakovskiy by July later in the evening

Karin meeting Adam V. for the first time, I surely do understand her uncertain look.

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