Sunday, May 20, 2007


Some things just happen to this ceeeertain types of people... just like... getting the number of the hottie sitting next table.. and being so drunk it all results in not being able to save it.

At least I have a piccy! /not a very good one though. Actually it's rubbish and you'll be happy if you recognise something like *people* on the fullview/

There definitely is lack of chubby lads with dark fringes and big noses in this city. Paraphrasing Art Brut : "I'm considering a move to London".

Oh and now that I've spend whole morning sobbing for this quite unfortunate event, I can go and dream about pulling Nick Hodgson. Yeah.
"Oh Nick oh Nick, that gig was so wonderful but what I've to say's I need you sooo desperately come on come on come on there's a room with a dimmer switch over there!"
"Oh! A dimmer switch! Allright then!"

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