Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just got home

Never knew that all it takes to avoid night tram and decrease the time of the Vypich-My Home travel from one hour to ten minutes is a minimalistic top and few times lighter shade of hair. Samaritan taxi drivers are just everywhere.

Anyways, tonight's maturita party was pretty fun, but I enjoyed the time spent with Karin before it even more. We had wine, we had a storm going on in the distance to watch, oh, that definitely was romantic. Later on the party I had to meet Adam /well, I don't want you to think I really care now. Why worry when all hopes are lost, basically. I don't have to think about it all the time at least/, PrAndy /Don't like him, he's kinda rude, even though pretty hot and what the fuck am I writing?!/, Mik /sniffing tobacco ruuuleees/, Monica /people in long-term relationships are basically prisoners/, Shippy /on his way home, dammit/ and Kolombo /who danced with me several times, even during A Perfect Day - which IS a cheek to cheek song. But it probably was not very *sexy*, for I was all sweaty and tired by the time. And felt like I am taller than him, which I hope is not true. At least the gals from sexta have more gossip topics/

Now I will throw my clothes OFF, FALL into my bed and watch Black Books. Bah.

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