Saturday, May 26, 2007

The instant favorites

I will just mention some vids I added to my YouTube favlist recently, for I WANT YOU to see them. Although none of you is probably going to enjoy any of them. Whatever.

Everything is Average Nowadays - acoustic - you will find acoustic "Ruby" somewhere on the site, too, but EIAN is a better one to show how fun Nick's backing vocals are /"Oooh-la-la-oh-oh"/

Kaiser Chiefs on Popworld - yeah, especially the ending totally got me. Btw. Simon Amstell is my favourite presenter. Because Russel Brand is too hairy.

Pete pretending to be Carl
- silly yet classical. Probably not for people who don't realize Carl's awful /sexy/ way of speaking. I just don't understand a word coming from his mouth.

NME moments - I mentioned this one already - probably the vid that made me think Ricky Wilson is great. Kaiser Chiefs music vids made me think he is hot. Anyways, these cut-outs are /mostly/ brilliant - "Razorlight, the only band that can still stand!" and the legendary "I always get Sadie Frost!!!"

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