Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bernard, in person

Do you recall the first episode of Black Books? Bernard's escaping from doing taxes?

That's me, right now. And the work I have to do is certainly NOT THAT BAD, but my brain will just force me into any other activity to avoid doing that newspaper homework and formal letter for english lesson. eeew I hate being formal.

So far I managed to do these /instead of the ones mentioned before/:
  • Flipped through a cooking magazine, thinking of what dishes will I make for Nick when I am his wife.
  • Learnt a new Kaiser Chiefs song on my telecaster... love's not a competition (but I'm winning) Cool one.
  • Checked my phone x times to see if Richard writes.
  • Read all the clever stuff on my dream universities' sites.
  • Spent hell of a time on korean dress-up games online.
  • Watched all my fav vids on Youtube.
  • Tried to get one fan of ours, I mean a female fan, but if she really is our fan, she should take basically any member of the band, or she sucks and goes only for fame.
  • Pretended tomorrow's saturday.
  • Sang the whole Meds album by Placebo.

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