Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Burn the Witch!!

Thanks god I am dyed to brown. Otherwise I bet that pack of /eeeeeeeeeeew!!/ metalists would burn me with no shame or pity. This way the only one reminding me of a medieval witch was probably Shippy, but I guess he's not obnoxious enough towards all these metalmongers to be burnt to death.

We continued at PrAndy's place, although it was a bit crowded for me, so I've hidden my shy self into PrAndy's sister's room, which is, thanks to the presence of all kinds of horse pictures, riding utils and such, kind of scary - with lights off it was a bit less horrifying.
i was followed by Adam and Karin and despite the fact I really did want to sleep, I was forced into night-long conversation about everything including London, Shippy and the "fucking buddies phenomenon".

Let's post Adam's pics:

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