Saturday, May 5, 2007

Back of my head is fu*king famous!

So shut up, all my disrespectful enemies! Bwahahaaaaa!! Oh hell yeah, that's my hair in front of Prkno, bassguitarist from one of my former bands. Or actually from two of my former bands.

Yep, this picture is to be found on, from now on the best news server around. Yay. Thanks god they didn't post something with my face visible, I'd go kill myself.

Oh, and we played yesterday, the hardware sucked bad so I was screwing it all up pretty much, and also I am getting this awful habit - breaking drumsticks. What am I, a hard rock drummer? Geez. I had kinda melancholic mood, and... well.... yes... I was thinking of him. Thanksfully when I've got to read his most recent blogpost, I got so disgusted, that I seem to be ok again. Ohmygod, ohmygod. Life is fun.

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