Friday, May 18, 2007

"I always get Sadie Frost!!"

I always fall for the least available guy, for example Nick Hodgson of the Kaiser Chiefs. I've bought this new Q issue, which has an artincle bout KC inside, with pretty sweet photos too - it has been wrapped in this plastic bag to save the insertions from falling from the mag or into hands of people who are not going to buy it eventually - and on that bag, there's a beeeautiful pic of the KC alltogether, Nick grinning in the very centre to balance how unattractive all other Chiefs are. I've been taking that bag with me all yesterday, staring at it at trams and showing it to my bandmates and classmates, oh what am I, a 13 years old schoolgirl?

But! Try to find the 2005 NME video somewhere on youtube, Ricky /the singer/ is absolutely worth it there, I mean, he has just the british sense of humour I love so much. I guess I am gonna write some little fic... and involve Ricky into it a bit too... ahem.

There's no way I am letting the Arctic Monkeys take over their throne!

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Brady said...

hahaaa! i did the same with that bag! hehe. Later cut it out as i didn't want to cut out the ones from the magazine to separarte them from the text. so sad. oh and my friend kindly highlighted my school in the article which adds to the sadness if anyone picked it up to read. x