Monday, May 28, 2007

Sexual Identity Disorder!

What am I? What the hell am I? Some kind of gay lad trapped in a woman's body? If so, I am pretty fucked, for how will I get out? Omg omg!
But for the case, I really have to think of a guy's name I could use.

I really should use a name which refers to someone I respect. Like Richmond. Or Noel. Nick. I won't use Richard, for it would be kinda confusing. Roger, Simon? Carl? Aaaw. Or Pete, why not, he's been always the more gifted one anyways.

I can't decide.


guano said...

ja myslim, ze Grigorij by pasovalo uplne nejlepe.

rusalka said...

Nope! I am voting for William that was yesterday welcomed and then successfully sancted:P.

Kaki said...

You're not calling me William anyways!