Saturday, February 24, 2007

Let's get Velvet

Music club Velvet has become kind of our "home club". I guess we had as many gigs in single Velvet than in all the other ones - just like Ufajr plays at Slamník or Skalená TreSka at Mlejn. The difference is, both of these clubs are pretty -um- rock-ish and pub-style-ish, while Velvet used to be /and probably still sometimes is/ a strip bar. That explains the two poles on the stage. I always thought they don't have any practical use.

But it's nice and clean inside, has pretty backstage /though Mlejn backstage is great and the one at Prosek too/ and we play there today, so if anyone's interested, you can join the cultural massacre. I am anxious myself what is it going to be like tonight - some people I hardly know told me they'd come and we have one new song, which is most probably going to get screwed, but that's the initiation ritual of every song - once it gets screwed, it will be always easy to play it on the next gigs. I like it v.m., only if it didn't had that emo lyrics /written by some friend of Adam's/. I have to write some.

By the way, Adam was pretty obnoxious yesterday, thanksfully I had such a brilliant mood he couldn't spoil it. Doesn't happen every day!!

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cthk said...

já ti dám Slamník! :) nejvíckrát jsme hráli taky ve Mlejně. do Slamníku jdeme jenom když.. jenom když nevíme kam jinam. ;)