Thursday, February 8, 2007

The most experimental... in the history of my high! Play the fanfares for....


Even I have problems to remember it, but there's a mnemotechnical help! Oto... um... that'saname, right? Just with a single T. Then Rino, that's just as a Rhino. After all, it means that this doctor with the stupidest specialization name will take care of your nose, too /talking serious here/ .I do not have a hint for the rest, I've never had problems with remembering laryngoligists.

Whatever, what I wanted tosay - what can become of a drummer playing guitar and guitarist playing.. guitar XD , one from a grunge band, other from a punk one, and they both desperately want to play POSITIVE music. or. Kinda positive. But when it comes to my opinion, it could be all over positive. Ahem.
Seems like a reunion with a guitarist from my first band ever, which still lives (the band Park Rock) , but it seems its life could be a bit more lively, I guess. Honestly, I don't care if this is gonna be the worst musical piece of crap I've everheard or made, I really want to enjoy this.


Julie said...

Problems with remembering it? Gosh, that IS the purpose of this f***ing name. You chose THE .......S I chose the silly cluster (not brain cluster :D) of letters. So. Soup. Disgusting soup. Remember? Sweet sweet 15.

Kaki said...

Clusters of little brain tumors?

How could I forget the disgusting soup.